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Together we can PREVENT and END Domestic Violence.

To KNOW MORE about how you can help us build communities free of violence by supporting the Domestic Violence Prevention Fund, visit ricadv.org.

Welcome to NO MORE RI

Welcome to NOMORERI.ORG, a website created to help end dating/domestic violence and sexual assault and provide tools to those who want to take a stand and pledge no more. It is run by the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) and modeled after NOMORE.ORG, a website for the national NO MORE campaign. Learn about the national NO MORE movement by clicking here

Join the RI movement at NOMORERI.org. If you have questions, ideas, or feedback about NOMORERI.org contact us.






Featuring real students who conceived and enacted a real dating violence situation seen in their schools involving social media.


Click above to view "Sara's" classmates react to a situation and here to see alternate ways they helped her!

KNOW What to Do

Welcome to our KNOW MORE site for TDVAPM 2014! Chances are you know someone experiencing dating violence, but did you KNOW YOU can help? The answer is yes! Action by friends or peers can actually help to prevent dating violence or stop if from getting worse. Your involvement doesn't have to be all or nothing;  it can be as simple as asking if someone is okay or telling an adult.

Visit the newly launched teen section of our website for tips and tools that will help you identity relationship abuse and KNOW WHAT TO DO in a variety of situations. Check it out here: www.ricadv.org.

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Calendar of Events & Actions

30 Apr - 01 May
02 May - 16 May
22 May - 13 Jun
21 Jun - 21 Jun

February 25 TWEET CHAT - Instagram Contest Winners Revealed!

On Tuesday, February 25, the RICADV hosted a special #NOMORERI TWEET CHAT from 4-5 p.m.
During our Tweet Chat, we revealed the winners and honorable mentions of our #KNOWwhatloveis Instagram contest, as youth from across the state engaged in a Twitter conversation about healthy relationships.
Visit us on Twitter or view the RICADV Twitter feed on our website for Tweet Chat highlights.

Prevention Corner

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is committed to the prevention of domestic and dating violence, and we believe that educating and engaging bystanders are promising ways to prevent intimate partner violence in communities.

For 2014's TDVAPM campaign, the RICADV has partnered with Young Voices, a Rhode Island-based non-profit whose goal is to transform urban youth into powerful advocates working to create change and improve the lives of young Rhode Islanders.

The youth from Young Voices are the faces of our KNOW What to Do - KNOW What Love Is 2014 campaign. They've starred in our public service announcements that will broadcast on TV, radio and Pandora throughout the month; they're featured in on our online ads and on our Instagram contest flyer.

We hope that by hearing their peers speak out against dating violence, young people in Rhode Island will be more committed to the movement to end it.  Our goal is to give youth the tools and confidence they need to become active bystanders and to promote healthy relationships in their own social circles and communities.

Latest Tweets

QUIZ: Do You KNOW How to Help?

QUIZ: Do you KNOW how you would help someone if you saw, heard, or were told about abuse? Take this quiz designed by loveisrespect.org to find out.


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Additional quizzes coming soon!

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Real Bystander Stories

Click below to see how real people helped someone experiencing abuse and check back for videos from teens & college students soon! Wanna share how YOU helped someone in a dating violence situation? Send your vid to cristina@ricadv.org and we may post it here! 

Bystander Stories

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Survivor Stories
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Policy Corner

This year, the RICADV's legislative agenda is all about prevention.  We're excited to engage the youth of Young Voices - the faces of our TDVAPM campaign - to help us promote healthy, safe relationships in February and address domestic and dating violence as a statewide public health issue.

The youth of Young Voices are trained to lead systemic reform and policy initiatives in RI that will improve the lives of young people. When we look at the alarming statistics on teen dating violence, it is clear that Rhode Island needs an authentic youth voice in policy-making around dating violence prevention.

We are thrilled to be working with these young people as we continue to push for the Domestic Violence Prevention Fund bill this legislative session. The bill would create the first source of state funding for domestic and dating violence prevention efforts in Rhode Island.

We hope to see RI commit to funding prevention in 2014 and, in doing so, say NO MORE to domestic and dating violence.

DV in RI

The six member agencies of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence provided community services to 9,694 victims of domestic violence in 2011.

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Dating Violence Info

Approximately 1 in 3 adolescent girls in the United States is a victim of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

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Children and DV

Researchers estimate that between 10%-20% of America's children have been exposed to DV & at least one third of children will be exposed at some point during their childhood.

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